Iron Bank x LI.FI

Iron Bank
2 min readOct 26, 2022

A new asset bridging experience for Iron Bank users

DeFi has revolutionized the world of traditional finance by introducing new concepts to borrowing/lending that can only exist because of crypto. As this revolution continues, increasing interoperability through cross chain asset bridging has proven to be one of the more critical infrastructure elements.

Despite this criticality, the user experience has lagged behind. This adds friction and slows adoption, with a poor UX that can introduce additional risk for the user. We understand this issue, and decided to do something about it.

Iron bank is excited to partner with LI.FI as their official borrowing/lending launch partner. LI.FI abstracts away the underlying complexities of bridging to provide users with a simple UX that focuses only on the details the user needs to know: What asset they have, where they want to move it, and what the conversion rate will be.

Integration with Iron Bank is live at From today, users have an easier, and safer, means to bridge their assets directly on Iron bank front-end. This is done directly in the Iron Bank front end through integration of the recently launched LI.FI widget. Users no longer need to leave Iron Bank, bridge their assets on a different dAPP, then return to Iron Bank to deposit.

After connecting your wallet, the process is simple:

  1. Select the asset+chain that you currently have
  2. Select the asset+chain you want
  3. You’ll be given several bridge options — choose the one that’s best for you and start the swap!
  4. Once the swap is complete and you’d like to verify: Please remember to switch networks on your wallet first

Making things easy for the user to participate in DeFi is a collective goal of both Iron Bank and LI.FI.

One website, one UX, one bridging solution. That’s the future, and it’s here today on Iron Bank in partnership with LI.FI.

Example below of swapping USDC on Ethereum to WETH on Polygon

Example of a user swapping USDC on Ethereum to WETH on Polygon
Final confirmation screen before the user starts the swap