IB Token Launch on Fantom

Iron Bank
2 min readJan 21, 2022

The Iron Bank token is launching on Fantom Opera tomorrow, January 22. Users will be able to access Fantom Iron Bank markets on ib.xyz and earn IB token rewards. Also, we are adding UST, FRAX, and TUSD markets into Fantom Iron Bank.

Addresses that supply assets to select markets on Fantom Iron Bank will receive IB token rewards. A liquidity provider reward pool will also launch at the same time, rewarding IB tokens to those who stake their FTM-IB LP positions at ib.xyz. This first IB reward program will last two weeks, from January 22 through February 5th.

Eligible Markets for IB Rewards

Fantom Iron Bank Markets that will be eligible for IB token rewards and token amount over 2 weeks:
- WFTM: 7,122
- ETH: 3,561
- BTC: 1,425
- USDC: 10,684
- DAI: 10,684
- MIM: 10,684
- fUSDT: 4,274
- FRAX: 1068
- TUSD: 1068
- UST: 1068
- YFI: 712


~1300 UTC January 22 — Spookyswap FTM-IB pool opens.
~1400 UTC January 22 — IB rewards begin for supplying into eligible markets, along with liquidity provider rewards for Spookyswap FTM-IB LP.
~1400 UTC February 5— IB rewards for this program ends.

ve(3,3) for veIB

As mentioned in the previous post, veIB will be modeled after Solidly ve(3,3). We have not yet deployed veIB, and will update our veIB deployment in a future post.

Solidly NFT

Should The Iron Bank receive a Solidly NFT, our plan is to direct our vote toward the benefit of the Iron Bank and Yearn ecosystem.

Iron Bank token contract: 0x00a35FD824c717879BF370E70AC6868b95870Dfb

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